Using the demo site

Visit WP Media Uploader site and download the desktop app of your choice.

Installing the Windows desktop app

  • Open the downloaded zip and select "Extract all". Double-click on the extracted .exe file.
  • On Windows 10, you may see a security warning. Please click "Run" to install.
  • On Windows 11, you may see the "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen". Please click on "More Info" then click on "Run anyway".

Installing the macOS desktop app

  • Double-click on the downloaded desktop app. This will launch the installer and guide you through the installation process.

Starting the demo

  • Once the WP Media Uploader app has launched, enter the login info for the WordPress demo site
      • Site Address
      • Username         MeUpDemo
      • Password          MeUpDemo
    • Click on the "Auto Login" button to enable auto logins.

Click on "Login" to get started

Providing feedback

  • Click the "Open Support Ticket" button in the WP Media Uploader app sidebar menu / More /  Advanced.

Note that you cannot upload files to the demo site.